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Seven home items you can purchase from wholesale home décor vendors

Many retailers worldwide are constantly researching wholesale home décor vendors to assist them in filling their shelves with first moving merchandise. Wholesale home décor are household items sold to retailers in bulk, such as beddings, furniture, lighting, and room decorations. Consumers can find wholesale companies using Google search, tradeshows, online marketplaces, and social media searches. Many retailers choose the home décor business due to its high profitability, scalability, variety of products, and home decors are in high demand. Homeowners constantly purchase home décor products to improve their aesthetics and appearance. Below is a list of home décor items that you can purchase from wholesalers.


The most common furniture styles include vintage furniture, western home goods, modern home furniture, and shabby chic décor. There are fantastic tile, terrazzo, agate, and all designs of side tables.

Wholesale Wall prints

Many people often neglect walls when decorating and focus on the floor. Wholesale home décor vendors have a wide range of affordable wall arts currently trending in the market. You can purchase many large-scale wall prints pieces without having to break your back.


You can purchase all types of glassware with attractive vessels from your wholesale home décor. There is a wide range of glasses, including wholesale wine glasses, Picardie Glass, Libbey Polaris assorted glassware, and Riedel water glasses. These glasses are high quality since they have passed through various quality control procedures.

Table lamps

You can acquire wholesale table lamps that will illuminate your home. The floor and table lamps illuminate softer lights, thus reducing harsh shadows in your house. You can also use the table lights or wholesale lanterns to decorate your home.


You can create the illusion of a larger space by bouncing light in strategic places of your home. You can acquire wholesale mirrors from the leading wholesalers at a cost-friendly price. There is a wide range of wholesale mirrors that meets your needs, such as wall mirrors, decorative mirrors, and bathroom mirrors.


They come with different designs such as circular, arch shape, hexagonal making it possible to tailor them to fit your home design and available space. Pinboards add a dose of style to your organized home. Pinboards are used in displaying important dates, projects and organizing schedules.

Decorative bowl and plates

Decorative bowl are used in many homes to hold jewelry on the bedside table, while other bowls are used as a salt pinch dish on your dining table. You can shop for these decorative bowls and plates from your wholesaler at an affordable price.